Policy of Using Cookies

Policy of Using Cookies



Determining the owner of the site is:
Joanna Niemiec Fashion Designer based at ul. Krzywa 10, 38-300 Gorlice

NIP: 7381959363

REGON: 12037835

Phone: +48 666 293 603

E-mail: joanna@joannaniemiec.com


Cookie Policy

This Policy applies to cookies and other similar technologies and to all websites owned by the owner of the joannaniemiec.com website. By using the pages of the joannaniemiec.com website you consent to the use of cookies and other similar technologies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to our use of cookies  or other similar technologies, you should change your browser settings properly or out of using joannaniemiec.com

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files, saved and stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone while you visit various websites on the Internet. A cookie usually contains the name of the website from which it comes, the “lifespan” of the cookie (that is, its lifetime), and a randomly generated unique number used to identify the browser from which the website is connected.

What do we use cookies for?

  • to make the joannaniemiec.com website work faster and be easier to use,
  • to better match the content and advertising available on the joannaniemiec.com website to your expectations and interests,
  • to collect anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how people use our websites (and services) and help us to improve their functionality and content.

By using cookies in the manner described above, we never identify users’ identities based on information stored in cookies. Operational data collected using cookies can also be compiled with demographic data (eg age, sex, size of the city) given to us by users when registering for our services. In this case, the data being compiled is devoid of any identifying marks (anonymization). In order to achieve the goals set out above, joannaniemiec.com may cooperate with business partners, (advertisers and research companies).

Two kinds of cookies can be used on the joannaniemiec.com website – session and permanent. The first ones remain on your device only when you use the site. Permanent cookies remain on your device as long as they have a set lifetime or until you delete them.

Do we use third-party cookies?

Yes, by using joannaniemiec.com you can receive cookies from third parties cooperating with us, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter. You can find more information about these cookies on the websites of individual third parties.

How can I change cookie settings or delete them?

Most website is set to automatically accept cookies. However, you can change your browser settings so that cookies are blocked – in whole or in part, for example only from third parties, or to receive a message each time the cookies are sent to your device. Remember, however, that if you block cookies used by the website, it may negatively affect the convenience of using joannaniemiec.com, for example, you may not be able to display the page correctly. You will also prevent us from collecting anonymous information about the use of our websites to permanently improve the content of the site.